Wow looking back 2016 was a whopper of a year so many challenges changes and new events.


Around April I moved into my own studio space which to be honest has been one of the best things Ive done. As some of you will know this space is sooo much bigger, easily accessible, safer and it’s free, I’ve no longer got a renting noose around my neck.

During this time I began running the Bliss Out mix media sessions down at Estuary Arts. The group is growing so big we had to find a much bigger space,  I’m sure those who attend will agree how gorgeous the set up is especially with Driftwood Cafe supplying yummy coffee and food !!!

Next the year saw two new events Mother and Daughter getting Arty and a weekend long Art Journal workshop. Both events sold out, with new friends and connections where made, and we saw some very happy mummy’s and daughters parade around with their beautiful creations.

In between all this my students and I held an amazingly beautiful exhibition at Estuary Arts. The youngest exhibitor being only 7 too ……… It was a great success some of the ladies sold art work for the very first time, exciting hey!! Indeed one Gallery visitor I spoke with mentioned that it was one of the best exhibitions of work he’d  seen ……. His words ….. Light and airy full of beauty …… Just so much light you feel lifted by standing in its presence …….. How gorgeous is that !!!!

Moreover It’s been a phenomenal year for my art work selling too ……March saw my first ever print for over $300 being sold during the Hibiscus Arts Trail and then in October I Sold my first ever $1000 art piece down in Auckland at the AUT Art Sale ……….. Wow that was a dream come true !!!

Finally after all these years I found a beautiful web designer to design and build this website, going live on my birthday 18th of November was one of the best ever birthday gifts……… A client of mine asked why I didn’t have a blog and it got me thinking and now here I am writing this so you all know what’s been happening with Ruby Jude.

What a year 2016 has been, what a high to end up on …… It’s been so worthwhile so lovely to see how my art work, journals, classes and workshops have touched people’s lives in good ways.

Big big thank you to all who have supported, encouraged, loved, bought, shared my work and attend my classes your all amazing thank you thank you !!!