Ruby Jude paints to heal, her art is an expression of her desire to belong, for acceptance and for a place in the world. She works with mix media, mediums that are tactile often using fingers to become more in touch with her process. Here’s is a transference of energy using colour shape and form to encourage the viewer into a deeper engagement with themselves. Always reaching for freedom in a world constrained by rules and regulations, always hoping the viewer feels this within themselves when viewing her art.


moana-smlOriginally from London Jude moved to Red Beach New Zealand over 10 years ago on a big journey of enlightenment, healing and adventure.

Having trained in Photography and the arts she soon set about exploring the amazing world of mix media art over 5 years ago alongside the birth of her 3rd child.

Jude lives on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast running her own studio offering workshops and classes for both adults and children both in Red Beach and Orewa. Art class are held at EstuaryArts in Oewa on a regular basis.