2016…. Reflections …WOW would you like to know !!!

By | December 21st, 2016|Jude's Blog|

Wow looking back 2016 was a whopper of a year so many challenges changes and new events.   Around April I moved into my own studio space which to be honest has been one of the best things Ive done. As some of you will know this space is sooo much bigger, easily accessible, safer and it's free, I've no longer got a renting noose around my neck. During this time I began running the Bliss Out mix media sessions down at Estuary Arts. The group is growing so big we had to [...]

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Life Takes Courage

By | November 29th, 2016|Jude's Blog|

      Life Shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage Anais Nin     Its exciting to be sitting down and writing blogs around the topics I love to share with my Art Journalers. We've just had an amazing morning unpacking and talking around the quote above by Anais Nin. Lots of talk ensued around what courage meant.................did we have courage...................what does it look like and is it something we learn or is it innate.  Does courage come forth easily ..........do we find it difficult and if so why??? Hows courage [...]

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How to tap in your Right Sided Brain

By | November 7th, 2016|Jude's Blog|

 Why tapping into your right sided Brain is soooo important      Some people think they are not creative. Others think creativity is not that important. They are wrong. You can learn to be creative or at least think creatively. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will turn into a great artist but it will allow you to think differently. Creativity allows you to see opportunities rather than obstacles and solutions to challenges rather than roadblocks. Creativity allows us to connect thoughts and ideas that logic may not allow us to connect. We should [...]

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A little story about the great artist …….Picasso

By | November 5th, 2016|Jude's Blog|

  There is an interesting story about how Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish artist, developed the ability to produce remarkable work in just minutes. As the story goes, Picasso was walking though the market one day when a woman spotted him. She stopped the artist, pulled out a piece of paper and said, “Mr. Picasso, I am a fan of your work. Please, could you do a little drawing for me?” Picasso smiled and quickly drew a small, but beautiful piece of art on the paper. Then, he handed the paper back to [...]

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Hello from Ruby Jude

By | November 5th, 2016|Jude's Blog|

Finally A blog after all this Time !!!   Wow seven years I've been painting for seems to me like forever!!! An incredible journey with its ups and downs....a journey that's given me insight courage and a sense of place within myself. As a little girl I really wanted to be on stage acting, singing and or dancing there seemed to be this deep passion within my soul to communicate a message, what about I  really didn't know back then. For a while my dreams came true I joined a Drama Club and [...]

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