Finally A blog after all this Time !!!


Wow seven years I’ve been painting for seems to me like forever!!! An incredible journey with its ups and downs….a journey that’s given me insight courage and a sense of place within myself. As a little girl I really wanted to be on stage acting, singing and or dancing there seemed to be this deep passion within my soul to communicate a message, what about I  really didn’t know back then. For a while my dreams came true I joined a Drama Club and performed leads in school plays for a number of years, until I got totally bullied and quashed by my Drama Teacher, the very person who was in the position to encourage, lift up and guide. Instead he extinguished my passion my drive my very being so I hid never ever performed again and began to shrink back form the world, deeply hurt and terribly disillusioned. I was at that very tender, difficult and crucial age …………14 !!!! Having my own theories why this teacher who was male did this at such at time in my life but its deep, perhaps I’ll share it with you one day.

Living in light

A whole 30 years went by until I found the courage to open up again in this expressive way. Indeed after the  extremely empowering birth of my third child at the age of 43 I felt like I could conquer the world again just like I did as young girl. But this time I painted expressing a message through paint, pencil, crayon,  inks anything I could use to portray feelings on to paper canvas and wood. Teaching myself, the excitement of life the energy the hope and dreams resurfaced and once again I felt empowered, invincible but also forearmed because I knew by shinning so bright again I would be open to being taken out !!!! There are certain types of people in this world who cannot abide to see others living in their own light, successful and fully alive!! And yes it happened and its happening now too but I’m not that little girl anymore, I can see more clearly now,  equipped, stronger and wiser, hidings not going to happen again.


So here I am after seven years of painting not having had a proper website or blog !!!! So I guess it was the next step into claiming more ground besides I’m getting a rather large following and people have been asking “wheres your Blog, Jude” !!!! So here its is………….here’s some insights into why I paint ……….whats Intuitive Painting …………and all of us are creative God made us that way ……….just a few blogs to read and I hope to post one or two a month maybe more………………….so keep a lookout.


Love Ruby Jude


Ps there’s a Yorkshire saying my Mum used to declare………………..”Don”t let  the Buggers grind you down ” its become mine now !!!!!